For whom is our Escape Room

Family and Friends

Are you looking for something different to do with your family and friends? Our ER is perfect to experience it with lot of fun


Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Come to our ER, we give you the opportunity to have a special birthday or anniversary


Are you looking for a break and relax with your classmates? we give you the perfect excuse to have fun and celebrate


The best way to enjoy Tenerife is knowing its magical places and experimenting our escape room just in the north of the island


We finally give you a good idea to bring your date to our ER. The cinemas, bowling and bars are fine, but we guarantee you a successful "first date" in our space


Tired of the same events year over year. Our Escape Room is excellent to compromise your work team, motivate your employees with a challenged scenario

The Asylum

According to the legend in the 1980s outside of Puerto de la Cruz operated an unregistered psychiatric, where illegal investigations of the human mind took place. Perfectly healthy people were subjected to cruel experiments and drug abuse, turning them into mental patients. You have to experience the horror of staying in an asylum and, using only logic skills, try to find a way out and discover where the patients of the psychiatric hospital disappeared one by one.

One room, one team, 60 minutes

One room, one team, 60 minutes

Un Escape Room, también conocida como «juego de escape», es un juego de aventuras físicas en el que los jugadores resuelven una serie de acertijos utilizando pistas, sugerencias y estrategias para completar los objetivos. Los jugadores reciben un límite de tiempo establecido para revelar la trama secreta que se oculta dentro de las habitaciones… lo más importante es trabajar en equipo